Our Happy Clients

Gain Clarity

Before having a breakthrough session with Bhavini, I found myself in transition in my career as a speaker and trainer. I was feeling I was unclear of my future and wanted to create my next level in my career. Experiencing the breakthrough session with Bhavini, allowed me to understand myself in a new way, I got rid of my fears, my doubts, my hesitations and my own insecurities. I could hear a new positive conversation in my head about me and the challenges that lie ahead and now within a short period of time not only have I completed my next level designations I’m in a place of choosing my next direction from multitude of options that never existed before. ​


- Raza

Be Open Minded


Meet Salman, hear about his Infinite You 2.0 journey.

Power Of The Mind

I was experiencing difficulties being focused, balancing studying and home life, feelings of self doubt which in turn would reduce my confidence. I also was trying to be the perfect daughter which led me to be overall very overwhelmed with everything going on. During my session on zoom with Tejal, I relinquished some emotions and feelings that had been weighing me down. She was able to guide me through that process by interacting with my subconscious in a way that led me to uncover the roots of my distress. After working with Tejal I am now brighter with a more positive outlook. In general, I feel less vulnerable and more protected against negativity. It kind of just doesn't "phase me" as much as it did before. I am naturally looking for the good in situations rather than dwelling on the bad.


- Meera

Be Empowered


Meet Mara, hear about her Infinite You 2.0 journey.



Surrender To The Process

Before I met Tejal, I was lost, confused, I felt like I didn’t have a say in the world that I couldn’t think and feel about my own emotions, and I felt exhausted all the time. When I started meeting Tejal, she helped me a lot, she gave me simple tools, techniques, easy tasks and to surrender myself and my emotions when we were having our sessions. I have definitely found myself, I feel more powerful, I feel like there are a lot more opportunities opening up like right now I am currently doing my best at getting a lead role as an actor and I feel like I’m more confident. The best advice I can give to follow the plan so that you can become your better self. ​


- Hugh