About Us

Be your own magician and change your world.

- Tejal and Bhavini Solanki


Tejal Solanki CCS, TNLP, MTLT, TCHt


Bhavini Solanki TNLP, MTLT, TCHt

Bhavini always wanted to be a nurse with a positive nurturing attitude. Being a first-hand caregiver for her aunt she has been in the know-how that caregiving can be an incredibly exhausting and isolating experience. Bhavini assists caregivers in transforming them through their ups and downs, perceiving positivity, and finding their me-time without any guilt.

As a Master Results Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author & Energy Healer, Bhavini is best known for her compassionate and calm nature. Bhavini inspires others to embrace the life they have been chosen for and create the one for which they want to live.


Bhavini Solanki received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from York University. She has an Honours Diploma in Social Services Worker from Seneca College. She is an Author, Board Designated Masters Results Coach (Trainer NLP, MTLT/CYF, TCHt). She has a Certificate in Bereavement Facilitation Training, Certificate in Customer Service Excellence, Completed Palliative Core Concepts Level One Education Program, as well as she has a Certificate of Participation: Walking the Walk: Creative Tools for Transforming Compassion Fatigue. She is also a Magnified Healing 1st Phase Teacher & Practitioner and Phase 3 Practitioner as well as a Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.